by Galapaghost

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released August 10, 2018

Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Casey Chandler in his apartment in Austin, Texas

Mastered by Simone Squillario

Thanks to Jason Mcclure for the inspiring music talks after work


all rights reserved



Galapaghost Austin, Texas

Hey there, I'm Casey and I write, produce and record everything myself. Often with the help of my good friend Federico. I have no label, manager or band so worked extremely hard to produce these albums so I really hope you enjoy them!

All of my albums are also available for free streaming on Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify. You can also purchase all my albums on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, etc.
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Track Name: Bedtime
Go on and have fun with your friends on the weekend
Don't stay home all alone with your feelings
But I gotta say no
I'm not a superhero
And that's the kind of effort that it would take
For me to stay out late

And I will see you
I will see you someday
And I will love you
I will love you always

So here's my idea of fun
My struggle book one
Then dinner for two
Then put on my running shoes
In bed by 10 so if you wonder where I've been
I'm too old to party on the weekend
And every night of the week

And I will see you
I will see you someday
And I will love you
I will love you always
Track Name: May 25
Pick the phone up baby
Cause all the dreams I've been having lately
Sneak into your house through the basement
Drinking your mother's gin from the 80's

Friday night at Big Stacy
Where you grabbed my hand and you kissed me
Why did you lead me on
Why did I play along

I just wanted to belong
I just wanted to belong

That night at Carla's place
Where you gave yourself away
Eight years ago today
The 25th of May
I lost my heart that day

The cruelest feelings stay
The cruelest feelings stay

Flying kites at zilker park
And getting lost there after dark
Laying on your roof all night
Thinking this could be my life
Thinking this could be my life
Track Name: Jellyfish
When you told me you might need something more exciting
Well I guess I should get dressed
Cause I guess I got some expenses
Spending all the hours of the day
Working until you don't recognize your face
Track Name: Seth
Staring straight through feelings that won't renew
Times of childhood and all we've been through
Mom and dad gave us all they had
Not quite enough for you

Will you ever remember that you were my best friend
Track Name: Sootie
Made up my mind
I'm letting go
Just like the tide
It comes and goes
But to risk it all
Is all I know

Fear is echoing through my soul and through my body

The moment's gone
Where I feel whole
Repeating lines
Repeating roles
Disconnect my fears from my world
To be liked won't save my soul

Fear is echoing through my soul and through my body
Track Name: Verizon LG
Been looking through my flip phone thinking
My thumb is getting tired and weary
But T9 don't know what's on my mind lately
But it's hard when you're a grammar nazi like me
With a Verizon LG

Sorry I haven't texted you back lately
But it's so hard when you're a grammar nazi like me
With a Verizon LG
In 2018
Track Name: Lukewarm Love
It won't be over until I'm sober
Makes you wonder will I ever know
How many times you told me
Told me how to live
How many times you've promised me
Your promise don't mean shit

Well I can't do this again

Thought about it while I was driving to find the truth
Shotgun houses where you'd always say that you'd love to live
But all the plans you've broken
Should I ask your secretary
What you were doing on christmas eve
But I won't be waiting for you to slide down the chimney

Cause I can't do this again
Track Name: Don't Frown
Don't frown
And don't look down
Hang around me for just one minute more
Don't say there's no way
Every moment means everything

The fear I feel
That no one will care

But you're young
And you're not done
And you're not dumb
Just a little lonesome
What it takes to create
All the mistakes that I've made

The fear I feel
That no one will care
Track Name: Sunfrost
Lay me
Lay me down
Echoes all around
Lost but don't want to be found

Fade out
Just let me fade out

Too weak to roam
Too soft for this world

Fade out
Just let me fade out

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