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Please Scream Inside Your Heart

by Galapaghost

Arrival 01:58
Turn all the lights down on me 'Til there's nothing left to see Turn all the lights down please 'Til it's only you and me
How long will you go to find Joe A Would you stay anyway It's been so long since I have felt this way But I can't convey it anyway O'holy mountain! I heard about you I heard all the magical things You claim to do Well I'm naked and bare And I shaved all my hair Now I'm waiting for a sign Maybe I took the wrong trail How long 'til I get to see your face I feel I made a big mistake
Modern Man 03:32
So water the plants And put on your mother's pants Just be a modern man Just be a modern man Paint up your face and dance And cancel all rainy day plans Just be a modern man Just be a modern man So call up your friend at 10 And tell him you love him And just be modern men And just be modern men And don't think it's easy Living so freely But I'm a modern man Doing the best I can
Essential 03:11
On a balance beam while swimming upstream Tryin' to catch some z's til we fall asleep Essentially we're working for free While the bourgeoisie make us dance like monkeys And we deserve a parade but we got a charade Why don't you shit on my face Cause that's pretty much what you gave me Thankfully I haven't got the disease But how you can sleep is a wonder to me
I'll wonder why forever We couldn't be together And now this endless summer will be an endless bummer Without you Show all your feelings Trevor The time is now or never And although it feels like terror The risk is always better than missin' out Cause when you're trying to find your way out But your mind is a sea of doubt Well there is one thing that always remains There is blood pumping through your veins I'm gonna miss the times you looked into my eyes And you made me feel wise You made me feel like I'm the prize But I'm not gonna miss the lies Or the big surprise That you were never really Truly madly into guys
Joe A never complained And Joe A was never afraid Even though he lost his sight on the mountain that day Well he gave up what he didn't need Just the bare necessities And nobody could ever say that he wasn't free Joe I'm coming after I think I hear your laughter Joe don't give up on the world I traveled through 12 countries And Joe to put it bluntly It's absurd but I'm a man of my word Joe A couldn't replace The desire for human embrace But the abundance of personal space Well damn that was great And we all must adapt to the ways And the rules that society makes But in these moments all I can see Is his face I think I hear your laughter Joe don't give up on the world I traveled through 12 countries And Joe to put it bluntly What I've learned is friendship has to be earned


released October 9, 2020

All songs recorded and mixed by Casey Chandler in his apartment in Denver, CO.

Mastered by Simone Squillario

Cover art by Hugh Speier

Find me here:

Website: gpghost.com
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7LG3ShiJbP55dBzcEV1NTn
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/galapaghoster


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Galapaghost Italy

Just a DIY dude livin la dolce vita in Italy. Email me at galapaghoster@gmail.com if you have some fun questions for me or if you want me to write a song for your dog or your pet rock.

For Booking: info@vertigoconcerti.com

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